Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History

An advanced professional development program
for faculty at minority serving institutions

Location: Gulf Coast Repository at Texas A&M College Station TX
Dates: June 21-27, 2015 & August 1-5, 2016

MSI REaCH 2016 Brochure

The application period for the 2016 program has closed.

Participation in MSI-REaCH has given me multiple experiences that have transformed my Geology and Climate courses.  To be able to bring data and actual samples from ocean drilling sites that are relevant to my students here on Oahu into my teaching has made the laboratory experiences 100% more relevant.  The ability to use ocean sediment core data in correlation with other paleoclimate data, for example coral cores from Oahu has enhanced students understanding of climate, climate change, and the role of multiple sources in supporting argument.”
Rick Jones, University of HI (2015 Participant)

“I greatly enjoyed participating in MSI-REaCH!  The whole experience was fun and engaging.  I learned a lot, and most importantly I was able to use many of the activities (or activity parts) in my courses immediately.  This was really important to me, and I very much appreciate that you have taken the time to design activities, with our students (and us) in mind.  Finding out about the freely available online materials was also a huge benefit!  I have since shared my experience, and the materials we received with the rest of my department and we are excited to use things moving forward. “
Chloe Branciforte, Ventura College, CA (2015 Participant)



MSI REaCH gives faculty from MSIs across the country an immersive opportunity to expand their knowledge of Earth’s climate record and build scientific skills through a week of hands-on paleoclimate investigation. Participants analyze data from sediment cores collected by the International Ocean Discovery Program.

Participants gain:

  • Hands-on experience working with ocean sediment cores and identifying climate change information from microfossils and physical characteristics of core contents
  • Data-rich curriculum on the geologic perspective of climate change
  • Guidance in identifying resources to support curriculum development and adaptation, and to support design of student research projects
  • Mentoring to support resource implementation from research scientists and undergraduate education specialists

Upon workshop completion participants:

  • Integrate workshop paleoclimate curriculum into new or existing geoscience courses
  • Begin or expand paleooceanography paleoclimate and/or marine science research opportunities for undergraduate students
  • Present their curriculum or research outcomes at a professional meeting

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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